Select your country, provide your phone number

1. Select the interface language

When starting the app, you have to select the interface language.

Please choose the language you understand so that you are able to interact with the app during the setup.

At a later stage, you can easily change the interface language in the app settings at any time.

![Interface language](/uploads/reg_1_language_1e7e76c8d4.png Interface language)
![App identified country](/uploads/reg_2_country2_89d8734a85.png App identified country)

** 2. Select your country**

Once the interface language have been selected, the app will attempt to identify the country you are located in. This is needed to fill in the country code field correctly.

If you are in a different country, tap on the suggested country name and select the one you need from the drop-down list.

The country list is searchable: click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right-hand corner to start searching.

![List of countries](/uploads/reg_3_search_14b7230be6.png List of countries)
Before you launch the app, make sure you’ve read our Privacy Policy. There you can find answers to most of the data privacy-related questions you might have.
Once you’ve registered with the app, you can find our Privacy Policy in Help → About KoronaPay.
![Phone needed](/uploads/reg_2_country2_89d8734a85.png Phone needed)

** 3. Provide your phone number**

To register, you only need to provide your phone number. Make sure you provide an active number that you have access to, because the one-time password will be sent to this number as a text or WhatsApp message. If your SIM card is installed in a device that is acting as a hotspot and is unable to receive text or WhatsApp messages (e.g. a 4G router), this card’s number cannot be used.

As soon as you select your country, the country code field is automatically filled in. Enter the rest of your number.

4. Enter the one time password

Enter the code you have received as a text or WhatsApp message.

![Entering OTP](/uploads/reg_4_OTP_c1cbdada91.png Entering OTP)
![Requesting OTP again](/uploads/reg_5_OTP_again_c7feaf69fc.png Requesting OTP again)

If you haven’t received the code, you can request it again in 2 minutes.

If you still haven’t received the code, please contact our Support service at

- +49 1573 5999799 for Germany

- +44 7480 802011 for UK

- +420 910 880 878 for Czech Republic

- +358 45 4900099 for Finland

- +46 10 551 35 15 for Sweden

- +372 6093024 for Estonia