Receive Money


Money can be received in cash. Visit an Agent with a government-issued ID and the transaction number communicated to you by the sender.

​You can also credit the transfer to a bank card via "Money Transfers" mobile application (6+) developed by KoronaPay, or on our website

The service is provided to holders of Visa International, Mastercard WorldWide and Maestro cards issued by banks of Russia, Kazakhstan or Azerbaijan; Mastercard WorldWide and  Maestro cards issued by banks of the Republic of Belarus; ELCART and VISA International cards issued by banks of Kyrgyzstan, for transfers sent to Russia (if credited to a card issued by a  Russian bank), to Kazakhstan (if credited to a card issued by a Kazakh bank), to Azerbaijan (if credited to a card of an Azerbaijani bank), to Belarus (if credited to a card of a Belarussian bank), or to Kyrgyzstan (if credited to a card of a Kyrgyz bank, with the transfer to be received in Kyrgyzstani soms), respectively.

An additional fee can be charged when crediting a transfer sent to Russia from another country in Russian rubles to Visa and Mastercard (including Maestro) cards inssued by Russian banks. Please check the rates for more details.

You may check if a transfer is available for crediting to the card, via the mobile application or in your personal account. The service is provided by the Credit Union "Payment Center" Ltd. (Kirova Str., 86, Novosibirsk, Russia OGRN: 1025400002968), CBR license No. 3166-K of April 14, 2014 based on the customer full service agreement using personal account or other service options (please find the full text at