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How to receive a transfer

Laptop screen with money transfer status check

To receive a transfer, you will need its number. You can check the transfer status on the website or in the app using the transfer number

  1. 1
    Select service point
    Use the map on the website or in the app
  2. 2
    Tell that you have received a transfer
    Show the employee an identity document
  3. 3
    Tell the transfer number
    Get money

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  1. Send instant money transfers at any convenient time of day
  2. Send money with your bank card
  3. Credit the money to your card or pick up cash
  4. Know your transfer’s status
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Frequently asked questions

How to pick up transfer in cash

You can receive a money transfer in cash at the offices of KoronaPay partners. The addressee needs to show an identity document and give the transfer number.

How do I send money?

Instructions on how to send a money transfer. Fill in all fields of the form one by one. Make sure that all information is complete and error-free.

How much can I send via KoronaPay?

There are 4 levels of limits: they differ not only by amounts but also by validity period. Reaching a certain level depends on the type of verification the sender has undergone.