Money transfers to Israel without fee from EU and UK

European countries and Israel have deep-rooted connections: diplomatic, financial, business, friendly, and familial.

Private money transfers to Israel are one of the links existing between residents of the European region and this country. Financial assistance during difficult times, regular support for relatives, gifts for significant occasions — these are just a few reasons for sending money.

But how to choose a money transfer provider to Israel when there are more than enough options in the market? In our article, we have compared the conditions of this service offered by several popular services and banks. The data is presented in the tables below.

Eu_blog_0423_01 copy.png
KoronaPaydebit/credit card/bank accountseveral minutesno feeEUR-ILS, EUR-USDto a card, cash
XE money transfersdebit/credit card/bank accountnext dayno feeEUR-ILSto a bank account
Western Uniondebit/credit card/bank accountseveral minutes0-4.90 €EUR-USD, EUR-ILScash, to a bank account, to a VISA card
TransferGodebit/credit card/bank account2 days0.99 €EUR-ILSto a card, bank account
Wisebank account1-3 days2.43-4.33 € (bank fee 18.62-18.65 €)EUR-EUR, EUR-USDto a bank account
Paysenddebit/credit card2 days1.5 €EUR-ILSto a card
Remitlydebit/credit card/bank accountseveral minutes3.99 €EUR-USDcash
Currency fairbank account2-5 days3.76-10.45 € (bank fee 18.73 €)EUR-ILS, EUR-USDto a bank account
Xend paydebit/credit card/bank account2-3 days3.97-5.73 €EUR-ILSto a bank account
BNP Paribasbank account3-5 days9.50 € (bank fee 18.73 €)EUR-ILSto a bank account
La Banque Postalbank account3-5 days19.90 € (bank fee 18.73 €)EUR-ILSto a bank account

*Commission fees and other conditions are relevant for transfers of 100 euros (as of 15.03.2023 11:00 CET). The table was compiled using information from aggregator websites and the resources of the payment systems themselves.


As can be seen from the presented data, only two services offer money transfers without a fee: KoronaPay and XE money transfers. However, only the former operates with card-to-card and card-to-cash transfers.


Next, let’s consider the conditions for money transfer services from the UK. Sending from this country is interesting primarily because there is a national currency, which means different currency pairs: pounds sterling — shekels, pounds sterling — US dollars, etc.

KoronaPaydebit/credit card/bank accountseveral minutesno feeGBR-ILS, GBR-USDto a card, cash
XE money transfersdebit/credit card/bank accountnext dayno feeGBR-ILSto a bank account
Western Uniondebit/credit card/bank accountfrom a few minutes to 4 days1.9 — 2.90 £GBR-USD, GBR-ILSto a bank account, cash
TransferGodebit/credit card/bank account2 days0.99 £EUR-ILSto a card
Wisebank account1-3 days2.03 £GBR-EUR, GBR-USDto a bank account
Paysenddebit/credit card2 days1 £GBR-ILSto a card
Remitlydebit/credit card/bank accountseveral minutes2.99 £GBR-USDcash
Currency fairbank account1-4 days3.31-9.18 £ (bank fee 16.47-16.49 £)GBR-USD, GBR-ILSto a bank account
Xend Paydebit/credit card/bank account2-3 days3.50-5.28 £GBR-ILSto a bank account
HSBSbank accountnext day5.00 £ (bank fee 16.49 £)GBR-ILSto a bank account
RBSbank account3-5 days22 £ (bank fee 16.49 £)GBR-ILSto a bank account

*Commission fees and other conditions are relevant for transfers of 100 pounds sterling (as of 15.03.2023 11:00 CET). The table was compiled using information from aggregator websites and the resources of the payment systems themselves.


The situation with money transfers from the UK is similar. Only two companies offer to send money without a fee. However, the most popular way to transfer money from the EU and partner countries in Europe to Israel is through the KoronaPay service.

Korona is a mobile application that can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play. You log into the app (authorization) with a phone number. In the input field, you need to enter the number to which you will receive an SMS with a code.

The available payment options depend on the country of origin and its telephone code. For example, from Germany, you can pay for the transfer using the following methods:

  • debit card,
  • credit card,
  • bank account.
en france israel money transfers korona app1-min.png

However, in Poland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Spain, and Italy, the money transfer can only be debited from a bank card. The United Kingdom, France, and Finland allow you to send money from both cards and bank accounts.

Therefore, the country code entered during authorization determines how you can pay for the transfer. Even when traveling to a neighboring country, a user with a German SIM card will send transfers according to the rules for Germany: using one of the four methods above.

The amount can be debited from the cards of any European bank. However, there are three exceptions: in Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria, payment for the transfer is possible only with local bank cards.

Instructions for sending a transfer to Israel

  • Install and authorize.
  • Select the destination — Israel.
  • Select the method of receiving funds: to a card or in cash. If only one option is available in the destination country, this step will be skipped.
  • Calculate the amount by choosing the currencies of sending and receiving, as well as the payment method.
  • Enter the recipient’s details.
  • Fill in your own details.
  • Check all data about the upcoming transaction in the receipt, edit if necessary. Prooceed to payment.
  • en france israel money transfers korona app2-min.png

    For addressless transfers (these are transfers to be received in cash, because the money can be received at any service point), a code will be generated after payment, which must be communicated to the recipient. You can select the location to receive the transfer on the interactive map in the Korona app (the Locations tab), or on the website at

    What ensures the security of KoronaPay transfers

    1. Money can only be debited from cards that support 3D Secure technology, where an SMS with a code for confirming the transaction is sent to the phone.

    2. The service’s partnership with leading payment systems Visa and Mastercard creates a safe space for financial transactions.

    3. The latest antivirus systems protect the service from unauthorized actions.

    4. KoronaPay has a European license to operate and complies with all regulatory requirements.

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