Referral Program

KoronaPay offers a referral program where Korona app users can receive €15 for inviting friends.

Within 1-2 days after you send a money transfer through the Korona app, you will receive a promo code. It will be sent to the email address specified in your profile and will also be visible on the app’s main page and in the “Referral Program” section in the MENU.


You can share this promo code with 20 friends or acquaintances (excluding close relatives) who have not used money transfers in the Korona app before.

Once your friend uses the promo code and sends their FIRST transfer of €100 or more, and the recipient successfully receives the money, you will receive a notification of a €15 payout to your email (please check if it is specified in your profile).

To receive the reward, you need to provide your IBAN for money transfer to your bank account. Payouts to a bank card number are not available.

The maximum possible reward within the referral program is €300.

The friend with whom you shared the promo code will also receive an email notification of a €15 bonus payout. They will also receive a promo code to share with their friends.

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