How to delete my account?

You can make a deletion request in the mobile app (iOS) or by email.

In the mobile app:

  • Go to the Menu section. Click on Edit profile under your First and Last Name.
  • Scroll down the screen, click “Remove profile”.
  • A request for the profile deletion will be generated in your email agent automatically.
  • Send the email with the request.
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    Or send your account deletion request via email:

    • if your KoronaPay account is linked to a phone number registered in the EU, please email us at;
    • if you use a non-European phone number to enter the mobile app, call us +7 495 766 48 98

    Upon processing the request, we will delete or block your account and send you a confirmation.

    You will not be able to sign in to your account or use the same phone number to create a new account in the app.

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