How to pick up transfer in cash

In the Korona mobile app, you can transfer money and receive it in cash.

Cash transfers are issued at partner service points, such as banks or money transfer services.

For example, in Tajikistan, you can receive money at CONTACT network locations, in Serbia at PaySpot doo Novi Sad points, and in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and other countries at any bank.

The list of pickup points can be found in the app under the “Locations” section or on the website page Where to Receive Cash.


Transfers sent for cash pickup can be collected at any of the designated points. When processing the transfer, no specific point is specified. The recipient can choose the most convenient location to collect the money.

To receive the transfer, you need to provide the operator with the transfer number, sometimes referred to as a secret code or transfer code, as well as present a passport or another identification document.

If you don’t know or have forgotten the transfer number, request it from the sender. This number is generated after the transfer payment, and the sender shares it with the recipient.

If, for some reason, you cannot obtain the number from the sender, download the Korona app on your phone. In the transaction history, you will find the transfer designated for pickup, including its number.

Please note that the phone number used by the recipient to authenticate in the app must match the one provided by the sender in the recipient’s contacts.

The transfer is issued in the receiving currency indicated by the sender during the transaction. However, the money can also be issued in another currency available at the pickup point. In this case, the exchange will be made based on the partner’s exchange rate.

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