Transfer status updates

If your transfer has been successfully sent and paid for, we will notify you by email. In the email, you will find all the main transfer details: the sender’s name, the amount, and how to contact us—just in case.

Once the transfer is delivered, we will also send a notification to the recipient, by email if we know the address, or as a push message if the recipient has our app installed.

Once the recipient has collected the money, you’ll be notified that the transfer has been successfully collected.

If for some technical reason the transfer payment has failed, the transfer will be automatically canceled, and we will send you a text message and an email.

If you have opted to pay with a bank transfer but either paid a different amount, paid from somebody else’s account, or we haven’t received your payment after 4 business days, the transfer is automatically canceled. We will inform you about the cancellation via a push message or by email.

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