Transfer statuses

In the Korona mobile app, there are several statuses to conveniently track the transfer process:

— Awaiting payment: The transfer with payment from a bank account has been created, but we have not yet received your bank transfer. Once the money is received in our account, the transfer will change to “Ready for pickup” status.

— Under review: This means that additional time is needed to process the transfer. In some cases, our verification department may contact you (via email or phone) to clarify some details.

— Ready for payout: The recipient can collect the money.

— Issued: The recipient has collected the money.

— Refund processed: A request for a refund of the transfer has been received, and the money has been sent. Typically, the refund is processed within 5 business days. If you haven’t received the refund, please contact us at or call +49-1573-5999799.

— Canceled: The payment for the transfer was not received within 4 business days, and it was canceled.

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