How much can I send?

There are 4 user levels in KoronaPay; in each of them, your transfer limit increases. The limit is the maximum amount of money that you can transfer within a six-month period.

- Level 1: up to 1,000 € per 3 months (basic)

- Level 2: up to 7,500 € per 6 months (identity verification required)

- Level 3: up to 15,000 € per 6 months (home address verification required)

- Level 4: over 15,000 € per six months (source of income verification required)

In the “Limits” section, you can see how much of your limit you’ve already used and how much is left.

When sending a transfer to some destinations, identity verification may be required, regardless of the remaining limit.

Limit levels
Limit levels