How much can I send via KoronaPay?

In the Korona mobile app, you can send amounts ranging from 4 to 200,000 euros*. However, there are several levels that gradually increase the maximum transfer amount when additional documents are provided.

  • Level 1 — Up to 1,000 euros within 3 months. No identity verification is required.
  • Level 2 — Up to 10,000 euros within 6 months. Identity verification is required, including uploading photos of your passport or ID card and a selfie.
  • Level 3 — Up to 15,000 euros within 6 months. Proof of residence is required.
  • Level 4 — More than 15,000 euros within 6 months. Proof of income is required.

The utilization of the transfer limit is displayed on the corresponding scale in the “Limits” section.

All documents can be uploaded directly in the app.


For some destinations, identity verification is required regardless of the transfer amount, and the transfer limit may be restricted. For detailed information, refer to the app.

How to send a money transfer
Commissions (fees)
Exchange rates

*For some destinations, the annual sending limit is capped at 20,000 euros.

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