How do I send money?


In Home, tap the red “New transfer” button.

Select the country you’d like to send your transfer to from the list, or use the search option.

If the country you are looking for is not on the list, this means our money transfer service doesn’t currently cover it. Please let us know about it by sending us an email to

Important note: you don’t need to specify the city, street address or agent location. The recipient can collect their money at any agent location in the country, or credit the transfer to their bank card.

List of countries
Choose how to receive

Select how to receive money:

- To a bank card. The money will be instantly credited to the card, no action is required on the recipient’s part. To use this option, you must know the recipient’s card number.

- In cash. The recipient may choose to either collect the cash at a convenient agent location, or credit the money to their card if such option is available in their country (see the “Crediting transfer to card” section).

Cash transfers are usually instant, but in some cases additional verification might be required. In this case, our Support service will contact you by phone or email provided upon registration for any clarifications.

The delivery time for card-to-card transfers depends on the recipient bank:

- Such transfers are usually instant when sent to Russia or the CIS countries

- Within Europe, it may take two or more business days; such limitations are quite common with EU recipient banks.

Important note: if you do not see the screen with the above options, this means there is only one way to receive money in the destination country and it has been selected by default. In most cases, the default option is cash pickup at a partner bank’s location.

Enter the transfer amount.

The minimum is 4 €, $5 or the equivalent of 4 € in other currencies.

The maximum amount depends on your personal transfer limit. Your current limit is shown in your profile. If you’d like to increase it, you need to confirm your credentials. More information on this is available in the “Verification” section.

Kindly note that if you choose to send less than 10 € for cash pickup, the bank may refuse to give cash to your recipient due to the lack of small bills or change. We recommend you either clarify this with the bank in advance, or send a larger amount.

Transfer amount
Transfer currency

Select the transfer currency.

Select how to pay for your transfer:

- Debit card if you’d like to pay with a debit card

- Credit card if you’d like to pay with a credit card

- Bank account if you’d like to pay for the transfer using your bank account details via the e-banking app or any payment app of your choice

- Online bank transfer if you’d like to pay from your bank account via the Klarna Sofortuberweisung payment system

Some payment options are only available for certain types of transfers. For example, if you are sending a transfer directly to the recipient’s card, you can only pay for it with a card and not from your bank account.

Please note that if you use your bank details for payment, the transfer delivery may take up to 5 business days.

In different countries, different payment options are available.

Select how to pay

Tap “Calculate.” The app will display the amount to be paid in your card or account’s currency (only in EUR or GBP) and the transfer amount in the currency you’ve selected. More information on the currency conversion is available in the “Which currency to choose?” section.

If you have a euro card or account, the amount sent will be exactly the same as you’ve indicated in the app. If your card or account is in a currency different from EUR or GBP (e.g. it’s a USD card), the transfer amount is converted to euro at the issuing bank’s rate.

Some banks may change commissions on third-party money transfers. Please contact your bank to find out more about its charges.

If this is not your first transfer to a particular recipient, you may select the respective entry from your recent recipients list; you won’t have to fill out their details again.

If you’re sending the first transfer to a recipient, tap the “New recipient” button.

New recipient

Enter the recipient’s details: their phone number and full name.

You can select the phone number from your contact list. Tap “From my contacts” and search for the number you need.

You must enter the recipient’s details in English. For now, the app doesn’t recognize symbols of other alphabets.

If your choice is a direct transfer to a card, here you need to provide the details of the recipient’s card. Tap “Recipient’s card.”

Enter the number of the recipient’s card that you are sending money to.

Recipient’s card
Sender’s details

Enter the sender’s details: your full name, date of birth, ID details, and address.

You only need to enter these once. The information is then stored in the system and is filled in automatically every time you send a transfer.

Check all the details entered. Tap “Send.”

If after sending the transfer you’ve noticed a mistake, you will be able to correct the recipient’s details or even refund the transfer as long as it hasn’t been collected by the recipient.

Check all details

Pay for your transfer.

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How to pay from a bank account

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