Which currency to choose?

With KoronaPay, you can only send transfers in euros, U.S. dollars, Russian roubles or Ukrainian Hryvni, though you can pay for your transfer in any currency.

Important note: the payment currency (your billing currency) is converted into the transfer currency (the one you select when sending a transfer) as follows:

Selecting transfer currency
Selecting transfer currency

When sending a transfer

We can guarantee a favorable fixed exchange rate only for transfers paid in:


- GBP (for users with a British phone number)

- PLN (for users with a Polish phone number)

- CZK (for users with a Czech phone number)

For these currencies, the margin to the market exchange rate is minimal, less than 1%.

When paying with a card or from an account in another currency (e.g. SEK, NOK), the payment currency is first converted to euro at the exchange rate set by your issuing bank, and then euro to the transfer currency at the KoronaPay rate. For example, if you’re sending $100 from a SEK card, there is double conversion: first SEK to EUR (at your issuing bank’s exchange rate) and then EUR to USD (at the KoronaPay exchange rate).

When paying for your transfer in any European currency except for EUR or GBP, we can neither know nor control the conversion rates your bank applies when converting your billing currency into any of the above two. Therefore, the total amount might be higher than expected by your bank’s margin.

When collecting a transfer

The recipient of a KoronaPay transfer may collect it in any convenient currency regardless of the transfer and payment currencies. If the recipient collects their transfer in a different currency at a KoronaPay partner’s location, our partner’s exchange rate is applied.

The recipient may also collect their transfer in the transfer currency. In this case, there is no currency conversion.

If it’s a “cash” transfer and the recipient decides to credit it to their card (in countries where such option is available), our partner in that country applies its exchange rate to the transaction. In this case, the amount is converted at the partner’s rate from the transfer currency to the destination country’s national currency.