Which currency to choose?

The Korona app calculates in euros, US dollars, and national currencies of the countries where the service operates.

In the eurozone countries, the sending currency is always euro, while in European countries with a national currency, it can be either euro or the national currency. For example, from Poland, you can send a transfer in Polish zloty or euro.

The receiving currency for transfers to a card is always the national currency of the destination country.

When sending for cash pickup, you can choose from several options: the national currency, euro, US dollars, or Russian rubles.

The choice of receiving currencies depends on the transfer destination country. For example, in Moldova and Georgia, all four receiving currencies are available, while in Kyrgyzstan, only two are available.

When receiving cash at a partner service point, the recipient can choose any available currency at that point. The exchange will be made according to the partner’s exchange rate.

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